Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve owned your own business for years, we are here to help you build and protect the wealth that you will need after you retire. You will sit down with our professional team of retirement planners at our convenient Grand Junction office and assist you in setting realistic expectations. This will help you reach the goal of having enough money to live in the lifestyle you are accustomed to, not outliving your money, and allowing you to leave a legacy to family or foundations & charities.

Retirement planning starts by building a strong foundation for making smart financial choices in your everyday life. Depending on your situation, your customized retirement planning program may include a blend of traditional investments such as mutual funds, stock market investing, bonds, annuities, life annuities, and other securities at a risk tolerance that meets your comfort level (we realize that at certain periods of your life, you may feel comfortable taking on a greater degree of risk than at other times). Whether it is investment planning, tax planning, business planning, estate planning, or long-term care planning, we want you to feel confident that all the details have been taken care of for your future.