Statistics show that 80% of small business owners’ net worth is tied directly to their business. Understanding this (and building strategies around this concept) is vital to maximizing the financial goals of the owner. Our process of wealth management for business owners focuses on the idea ALL your assets, including the sellable value of your business, need to be grown to their maximum value to meet your long-term financial goals. This means we are not simply personal financial planners or business coaches. Here at Western, our extensive training in business value growth and exit planning strategies, combines both personal and business, along with taxes, insurance, legal, into clear, actionable plans for your future.

If you own a larger business with special considerations and long-term planning requirements, then our Complex Business Planning is the best option. The complexities of, for example, exit planning – for both the owners and employees, is a complicated and ever-changing process that not just anyone has the experience to handle. Here at Western, we have that training. We will be pulling together with your company’s principal owners, key staff, CPA, banker, lawyers, and anyone who influences your finances, to drive your long-term growth.

As you can imagine, this process of gathering, assessing, modifying, and monitoring the numbers can be an in-depth and complicated process. This process becomes exponentially more complicated having both personal and business growth planning working in tandem. It takes a special team with unparalleled knowledge and experience to accomplish this monumental task. The team at Western has the expertise along with years of experience which makes us unique, not just here in Grand Junction, but also around the country.